Anonymous asked:

What do you think of MTMTE Rodimus? Is he better or worse than G1 Rodimus Prime?

fabail answered:

I think MTMTE Rodimus is conceited, a very flawed, but fun character. He feels very good about himself and his leadership. He means well, and he tries his best to take care of everyone under his command, even though he is plain horrible at it, and he takes it really hard when it comes back and slaps him in the face (ie Red Alert’s suicide attempt, Magnus calling him out). He has a good sense of responsibility, but doesn’t take the authority and burden of leadership as seriously as he should have. He thinks he’s learning from experience day by day, but in reality he just keeps going back and forth in his progress of becoming a better leader.

To be honest, I wouldn’t compare him with G1 Rodimus Prime, as besides both being a turbo-revvin’ daredevil, they are too different as far as leadership is concerned. Rodimus Prime is unwillingly “the Chosen One”; he is very confident (almost borderline arrogant) about his fighting skills, but he knows by heart that as a leader, he will never compare to Optimus Prime. At first he thinks being a Prime is pretty rad, but as soon as he realizes how much responsibility and burden he has to take, he goes “I’m so not ready for this, but I have to do it anyway because everybody looks up to me now, WELP”. He judges himself a lot, and gets upset whenever he can’t live up to his role, but others just keep saying “you can do it! you are a Prime!”, and it really stresses him out. I mean, it took him almost the entire Season 3 to come to term with his role!



This is the perfect comparison.

LMAO!!!!!!  I love the comparison. I can’t but help but laugh hysterically at the last one with Magnus’s long list!  XD  I still love both versions.


Anonymous asked:

I really hope that one day people in the DA community will understand that when someone says your art looks shitty, its not because of your style (shitty is not a style), it is because it looks like shit. Focus more on getting better, rather than excuses.

It’s people like you that should be banned from DA.  Instead of saying such crass nonsense, you should concentrate on telling them how to improve their art work.  Saying that their art work looks like “sh*t” doesn’t help at all.  How would you like it if someone said that about something you wrote or drew?  I doubt very much you could take what you just dished!



Crabzilla or Hoax?

Is this a freakishly huge crab or just someone bored playing with photoshop? You might have seen this image within the last few days. The above photographs of Whistable harbour led people to believe that a monster-size crab (nick-named “crabzilla”) is living off the Kent coast in the United Kingdom.

Residents of Whitstable were stunned when the picture appeared to show a huge crab at the base of the coastal town’s harbour.

However a marine biologist, Dr. Verity Nye, who is an ocean and earth science researcher at the University of Southampton states: “The idea of a giant “crabzilla” would very exciting. Unfortunately, I think this is a hoax.”

She further stated that the United Kingdom does have large crabs but not anywhere near this size. The largest crabs tend to stay in deeper water and that this particular image is a different shape than previously identified huge crustaceans.

But this is just one scientist’s opinion…anything is in the realm of possibility when it comes to ocean life. Hundreds, if not thousands, of new species of marine life are discovered every year. Perhaps he’ll make another appearance…


Does anyone have a pot big enough to fit it in XD